Abs Hotel 5.0

ABS 5.0 Cloud Computing Hotel Front Desk System is a futuristic, innovative and complete solution which is up to date with the latest technology and trends. Monitoring your hotel business via a single cloud platform will make your job so much easier - Access to it anytime and anywhere for real-time information via CROSS PLATORMS including iOS, Android and others, and device types, like a smartphone, tablet and more at the touch of your finger-tips!

Part of Features includes:
  • Make / View Room Reservation by all status, by date, by Month.
  • Check in with using MyKad by walk in, history & reservation record.
  • Multi Level of User Security ( Manager, Supervisor, Front Counter Staff ).
  • Audit Trail Report ( Checking on front counter transaction activity ).
  • Expected Arrival & Departure Guest listing.
  • In House, Today Check in & Check out Guest Listing.
  • Day Use & Complementary Guest Listing.
  • Black listed customer list.
  • City Ledger / Corporate / Travel Ledger Account Sales Report.
  • Room availability by date, by month listing.
  • Room Folio Balance.
  • Able to Split Folio & Receipt.
  • Cashier Shift Summary & details report.
  • Manager Report with Occupancy rate & number of rooms sold details.
  • Source of business, Market segment report.
  • Monthly Government Tax ( SST or GST ) & Heritage Tax Report.
  • Integration with electronic door-lock systems
  • Integration with electronic signing pad and passport reader.
  • Integration with self check in kiosk system.
  • Channel Manager Integration.
  • Membership Loyalty System.
  • Ad Hoc Express check in button.
  • Multiple room rate plan system.
  • Real Time User Footprint Tracker system.
  • Group reservation, Check in and Check out Details.
  • Before arrival guest Pre Check in module.
ABS 5.0云计算酒店前台系统是一种未来主义、创新和完整的解决方案,与最新的技术和趋势保持同步。通过单一的云平台监控酒店业务,可以使工作变得更加轻松 - 可以随时随地通过跨平台访问iOS、Android等设备类型(如智能手机、平板电脑等)获取实时信息,只需轻点手指!


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