Syron Electronic Door-Lock

Our electronic door lock is specially designed and developed based on the lock manufacturer's experiences, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users, and development trend from time to time. The door locks are a blend of precision machinery and microelectronic advancement, featuring the highest level of security and privacy. All locks come with their own software interface to facilitate system integration.
Function Description
Function of self-diagnosis digital display in deduction zone helps implement sound operations and eliminate problems.
Function of suite applicable for specially designed house layout (for instance in room or villa).
Function of public gate applicable for public facilities of guests e.g. swimming pool, underground park etc.
Function of time limit The card can be set with an expiration time. After that, the door cannot be opened by this card.
Function of room reservation The card can be preset to be usable beginning at a certain time, which is convenient for group reservations.
Function of emergency The emergency card can be used to open the door at any time under every condition.
Function of free entrance The free entrance card enables the door to stay open at certain time, which is convenient for places such as conference rooms, offices and so on.
Function of No-Disturbing By turning the inside switch, the lock can be set with no disturbing function. When the door is opened from outside by anyone, a warning will be given immediately.
Function of automatic detection If this function is enabled, a warning will be given when the door is not securely locked, reminding the guest to lock the door firmly
Function of low-battery alarm under low battery conditions, an alarm will be given when the managerial staff tries to open the door. The door can still be opened for at least fifty times under such condition.
Function of VIP first A VIP guest can use his/her VIP card not only to open the room door of his/her room, but also to access to other places such as the health club and the entertainment center.

我们的Syron酒店门锁系统是基于锁制造商的经验、数十万用户的反馈和时代发展趋势而特别设计和开发的。这些门锁是精密机械和微电子技术的结合,具有最高级别的安全性和隐私性。所有锁都配备了自己的软件接口,以便于系统集成。我们的门锁系统具有以下功能:• 自诊断功能:数字显示在扣除区域,帮助实现良好的操作并消除问题。• 套房功能:适用于特殊设计的房屋布局(例如房间或别墅)。• 公共门功能:适用于客人的公共设施,如游泳池、地下停车场等。• 时限功能:卡片可以设置过期时间。此后,该卡片将无法打开门。• 预订房间功能:卡片可以预设在特定时间开始使用,这对于团体预订非常方便。• 紧急功能:紧急卡可以在任何情况下随时用于打开门。• 免费进入功能:免费进入卡可以在某些时间内保持门开启,这对于会议室、办公室等场所非常方便。• 免打扰功能:通过打开内部开关,可以设置无打扰功能的锁。当有人从外面打开门时,会立即发出警报。• 自动检测功能:如果启用此功能,则在门未被安全锁定时会发出警报,提醒客人牢固锁定门。• 低电量警报功能:在低电量条件下,当管理人员试图打开门时会发出警报。在这种情况下,门仍然可以打开至少50次。• VIP优先功能:VIP客人可以使用他/她的VIP卡不仅打开他/她房间的房门,还可以进入其他地方,如健身俱乐部和娱乐中心。我们的门锁系统可以为您的酒店提供最高级别的安全性和隐私性,同时提供各种功能,以满足您的不同需求。


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