Energy Saving Switch

Hotel key card power switch is an energy-efficient solution that allows you to control power to your hotel rooms with a standard key card. This switch is designed to integrate with your existing security system and is easy to install. It features a sleek design and is built to withstand heavy use in a hotel environment. Save money on your electricity bill with this low power consumption switch, perfect for any hotels and resorts.

Why Do You Need Key Card Switches?

The key card hotel energy-saving switch is essential for the RFID hotel lock system. Its primary function is to allow hotel guests to insert the room card into the power switch when entering the hotel room after obtaining the room card from the front desk. Then they can use the electrical equipment in the room.

The room card must also be removed from the energy-saving switch when turning off all power supplies in the room to ensure safety.

The hotel energy-saving switch can ensure all electrical appliances in the hotel room and save electricity for the hotel.


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